Giebler&Götze auf Grand Tour in Hannover vom 20.01. - 18.02.2018 in der Kunsthalle Faust

Giebler&Götze auf GrandTour in Potsdam

Grand Tour - Götze and Giebler - Creative Arts Napier




International touring exhibition

Date: Feb 24 – Mar 9

Space: Main Gallery

The painters Moritz Götze and Rüdiger Giebler are cultural ambassadors of longstanding for the state of Saxony-Anhalt in Germany. Their images are filled with colour and fantasy; manifesting their enjoyment of spinning a good yarn, whilst opening up an entire cosmos of stories, cross references and backgrounds, tackling major time scales in the process.

Saxony-Anhalt, like the entire Central German cultural area, is a region with a markedly rich cultural and historic heritage. Ideas arose here that changed the world and continue to influence it to this day.

This historic cornucopia inspires Moritz and Rüdiger, and for 30 years the two artists have enjoyed a fruitful friendship, bound by their love of art and their roots in the region. They refer to themselves as ‘local historians’.
 On foot, by bike, in a collapsible boat, by car or train, they explore the history and culture of Central Germany in their own unique way, using these experiences to develop art of a highly original nature.

With their “Grand Tour” Götze and Giebler, as cultural ambassadors,  take the rich history, the cultural heritage and art of the present from their region out into the world beyond.


Giebler & Götze auf Grand Tour in Halle / Zeitkunstgalerie vom 21. Januar bis 24. Februar 2017

Grand Tour Station Insel Rügen 9.12. 2017 - 17.2. 2017

Rüdiger Giebler & Moritz Götze sind auf ihrer Grand Tour auf der Insel Rügen im Ostseebad Sellin

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